EVENT: Omaha/Lincoln End of Summer Platte River Potluck!

It’s time for our annual Omaha & Lincoln get together! Platte River State Park is a good halfway point, and a fun place to spend the day!

Bring a dish to share, and we will have a lunchtime potluck picnic at the Turkey Shelter! Please, label your dish vegan or vegetarian, gluten free, and/or other known allergens or dietary concerns. Please, try to avoid dishes containing nuts, as some families have extreme allergies. If you would like to comment on our event pages on Facebook or Meetup with what you are planning to bring, that would be great!

After lunch, there will be a short meeting discussing the NVA.. while we have everyone together 😉

More details about this potluck can be found on the event pages on Facebook or Meetup.